A bug sculpture


Paul Knoblauch is an award winning metal sculptor who specializes in creating functional artworks. He is the owner/principal designer of Knoblauch Metalworks. Paul’s reputation has grown as his stylized family of creations has expanded. From an assortment of bugs, fish and sailboats, to his well known collections of benches and chairs, Paul creates whimsical, detailed metal sculptures. Many of his creations are finished with vivid hues of paint that bring his creations to life.

Bench detailPaul accepts commissions for public art and private collections. He has created benches, chairs, tables, railings, gates, fences, garden furniture, fireplaces, candlesticks and even refrigerator door handles. He has also produced various series’ of sailboats, fish and bugs for hospital collections.

He utilizes metal and stainless steel in his art. He has been working with these materials for most his life and new works are constantly evolving from his studio in Rochester, New York.

a chair